A New Venture

GirlSense & NonSense (GS & NS) was conceived from the tired brain of a recent college grad who always over thinks everything, until her creativity is stifled and dead. Hi, I'm Pam. I guess my official title is Editor-In-Chief (also Publisher, Circulation Director, Advertising Director, etc.). I took a leap creating this little digital magazine, didn't I?

But I'm hoping GirlSense & NonSense will take an even bigger leap, a leap into the talented minds of young female writers and artists in my community (and hopefully beyond), who sucker-punch conceptions of the girl teenage brain as something nonsensical and irrational.

GS & NS is a platform for girls to share as they develop identities, navigate culture, and explore the world around them. I invite everyone to read the magazine (first issue to be released September 15th) and all young girls to submit their work. I think the world needs a little bit more girlsense, don't you?


Stay Tuned:

Information regarding the submission process and September's theme will be announced next week.

Also, I look forward to introducing my team of Executive Editors! Kelsey, Brittany, and Kaylie are three young women who will work as head writers, editors, and mentors (and keep me sane!).

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