November Inspiration: Prune Nourry’s Terracotta Daughters

Artist Prune Nourry of France is changing gender conceptions one exhibit at a time as she travels around the world with an army of 108 sculptures painstakingly crafted in the manner and likenesses of ancient Emperor Qin’s Terra Cotta Warriors of Xi’an, China. However, look closely and one will see that Nourry’s sculptures are not warriors in the typical sense. In fact, each of Nourry’s sculptures bears the semblance of young girls between the ages of 10-13. They are in actuality modeled after the faces of eight orphaned girls chosen by The Children of Madaifu, a non-profit agency which provides aid for orphaned children (most of whom are girls) in China. [youtube]

Nourry is using her works of art to change conceptions about girls and women and to bring awareness to the alarming issue of gender preference. Her exhibit, entitled Terracotta Daughters is currently touring the U.S. in New York and will continue on a world tour until it reaches its final resting place in China, where it will be buried sometime in 2015 and then unearthed again in 2030. The unearthing of these sculptures will coincide with the time that some are predicting that the consequences of China’s gender preferences will come to a head. Until that time, Nourry hopes that her sculptures will continue to serve as a powerful symbol of the importance of gender equality in China and around the world.

You can learn more about this incredible multi-year project at artist Prune Nourry’s website

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