November Inspiration: You

*To celebrate the open submission period of GirlSense & NonSense, we feature weekly spotlights of female artists who have inspired the issue’s theme. Let us introduce you to these talented women and their art, and let them inspire your own creativity.

Two weeks ago, Sarah and I visited creative writing classrooms at a local high school. We discussed the magazine and girl confidence, and shared our own personal journeys as artists. Then we all got writing. In green marker, we wrote Metamorphoses prompts on the white board and then pointed to the yellow tinged clock, noting the fifteen minute time limit. If you've ever been in a creative writing class or workshop, this is standard procedure and pretty normal. What came next was not.

We then asked the students to read their writing and share it with the whole class. For young artists (and even for those more experienced), sharing your writing is typically a terrifying prospect. However, following our discussion of girl confidence, we'd hoped to encourage more participation.

"So who wants to share?"

It started with one girl, one boy, another girl, and so on. I didn't understand the significance until the teacher explained that this rarely happens and most sharing occurs in small groups.

What Sarah and I realized in that moment was how important it is for young artists (especially girls) to know that the world is listening and watching, waiting to hear and experience their stories and art. There are people who care about your opinions, mind, and heart, and they value your art and your humanity.

That message was enough to lift hands in a classroom and powerful enough to encourage those students to speak.

I once read about a very simple business premise that went something like this: people don't buy what you make, they buy why you make it. Publishing GirlSense & NonSense magazine every two months, I am inviting readers to consume the art and words of young female artists. But more than that, I'm inviting readers to participate in the process of young girls sharing their art and words. Why should you read GS&NS? Why should you submit? Because you believe in something greater, something better for girls and art in our society.

This week, we celebrate the artists in Sylvia Fine's creative writing classrooms at Kuna High School who were brave enough to speak up and share their work. We celebrate the artists who've submitted their work to be considered for publication in our November issue. We've been overwhelmed with the talent of girls in our community and we know, now more than ever, why you matter and why GirlSense & NonSense matters.

With Love, Pamela

Envision change. Imagine a changed world. What does metamorphosis look like? Reflect, create and submit your work by October 30th (this Thursday!) to be featured in the November issue of GirlSense & NonSense. Details here.