Featured Artist: Chloe Glass

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Who are you?  I am Chloe Glass.

List three things you’re loving right now. Three things that I am loving right now, definitely not everything I’m loving right now, but three, are firstly; makeup. I am obsessing over all types of makeup and brushes, different ways to use it, mainly new ways to do my eyeshadow. Secondly, I am kind of in love with this TV show called Supernatural. Thirdly, I am immensely loving photography and also being apart of the KHS yearbook staff where I get to take pictures, separately from my personal photography, for the yearbook.

What did you submit for the November issue? For the November issue, I submitted some of my photography. When I sent in my submission, I didn’t really know if any of my photos would be able to match the theme of the November issue. I do know that photography can be perceived in many different themes, it just depends on the emotion or personality of the person looking at it, or how you make the viewer feel while they are looking at it by adding writing to complement the photo. I submitted my photos because I am very intrigued by a magazine that accepts art and writing from amateur girls. I think that it’s a very inspiring idea and I wanted to be apart of it in some way. I also have a passion for photography, also drawing and writing, so I wanted a chance to get my work out there to be seen by other people.


What inspired you to write/create your submission piece? I take photos all the time. I wanted to send in my submission for the November issue before the time was up, so out of all the photos I have, I went through them and chose the ones that I thought might relate to the November theme best.

Tell us about yourself as an artist.

I would definitely call myself an artist. I don’t know if you could call me a specific kind of artist, because I’m interested and do multiple different things: photography, drawing, writing. I do know that first, before I ever got into writing or photography, I drew, so the first piece of art I ever created had to be drawing.

Why are you an artist? I am an artist simply because it’s what I love. Doing art is one of the things that makes me the happiest, the thing that I want to stay with and keep getting better at. I have always been able to relate to art more than any other passion I might have.

Respond to the following prompt: “There is a girl sitting in a chair in the back of a room. Hair tightly curled and smearing pink gloss across her lips, she knows things.”  
There is a girl sitting in a chair in the back of a room. Hair tightly curled and smearing pink gloss across her lips. She knows things. She is the girl who is treated as the weirdo, who tries too hard, too hard to be pretty, to fit in. It is how she is seen by others, but she does not see herself that way. Because she knows things. Secrets hide in her tightly curled hair. The pink gloss smeared across her lips is her way of letting people know that she knows. She is known as the loser, the loner, who sits in the back of the classroom every day. Others ignore her. If only they knew.

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