Submerged//Unearthed: Narratives of the End (March Issue Theme)


The third issue’s theme:

Submerged//Unearthed: Narratives of the End

Note: You’ll need a shovel, some good work gloves (leather is preferable), and a bit of spirit.

Annie Dillard wrote a book called “For the Time Being”. In this book she talks about venturing to China to witness the first terracotta soldiers being pulled from the earth in 1974.

terra-cotta-soldiers-631.jpg__800x600_q85_crop {Source}

“The earth was yielding these bodies, these clay people: it erupted them forth, it pressed them out. Seeing the broad earth under the open sky, and a patch of it sliced into deep corridors from which bodies emerge, surprises many people to tears. Who would not weep from shock? I seemed to see our lives from the aspect of eternity. I seemed long dead and looking down (Dillard 15)”.

The Terracotta Army, depicting the army of the first emperor of China, was buried to protect their leader in the afterlife.

Dillard discusses the shock and tears in experiencing these “bodies emerge” from a distance or “from the aspect of eternity”. Dillard escapes her physical body in being “long dead and looking down”, and ponders the existential meaning of each soldier’s burial and subsequent rebirth.

The New Year mandates a sense of renewal, rebirth. We can bury the old, shed the past, and emerge refreshed and ready to start new. [youtube]

The task for writers and artists submitting for the third issue: bury/unearth 2014. Dig a hole, submerge memories, objects, people that defined your year. Cover it with words, dirt, paint, and tell us all about it.

Or you can unearth it. Go search for 2014, dig around until you hit something solid. What did you find? Was it about you or someone else, a fictional character? Create a story, take a picture, make a video.

Now is the time to mourn, to let tears mix with dirt, to feel as though you are “long dead and looking down”, and then celebrate the unearthing and emergence of something different, something like a new start, a new beginning, a new year.

Good luck.

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Submissions deadline for the 3rd Issue: Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 at midnight.

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