Announcing Spring 15' Issue Artists

I've been busy designing pages and calming my racing heart as the March 15th release date approaches. GirlSense & NonSense has published two previous issues (read 1 & 2) and I am astonished and humbled by how far we have come since our first issue last September. The spring issue will be a little different, as I'm sure you'll notice after checking out the sneak peek photos I've been sharing over on Twitter. We've been very inspired and influenced by the work of spring's featured artists. The words and images are honest, real, dark and little bit raw. These young women really opened up and pushed themselves, so we are too.

Processed with RookieProcessed with RookieProcessed with Rookie

The Artists of the Spring 15' Issue: Savannah Stroebel Rashell Flescher Sarah Hable Rachel Anna Jamie Sugai Morgan Yardis Fatima Tall Chelsey Abramson Surviving Wintergirl

The cover photo will be designed by our intern, Chloe Glass. Chloe is an incredible photographer and just a generally talented human being, and I'm so happy to have her involved in this process. She's doing incredible things on our Instagram too.

So you are aware that this is going to be a groundbreaking issue for GirlSense & NonSense Magazine, yeah? And okay, this is the important part: it will only be available to subscribers on March 15th, 2015. The best thing? Subscribing is free. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Click here to subscribe now.

Love, Pamela Co-Editor