#Throwback: A (Sorta Violent) Poem Against Shakespeare

For the upcoming issue of GirlSense & NonSense Magazine, we're asking young artists to be themselves and say what they wanna say (only 6 days left to submit by the way!). So I thought I would share something from my 18-year-old self that comes straight out of my personal diary circa 2009. Context: 18-year-old Pam was frustrated with Shakespeare and did not want to read "Othello" so she wrote a poem instead.

How to Un-Sonnet 18 Shakespeare's

You are not the summer. I am the writer that unsettles the lines beneath your eyes.

You are not the summer, not the wind or sun or clouds.

I have written you into paper; this pencil unearths you. On stage, I am the gravedigger.

Dig you up with my pen, lay you out and thinly spread your innards and words will gather you up again until you're smooth and beyond summer winds and sun.

I will tack you up in a good journal until you bleed anthology, university,ooze "good poetry".

I word-stitch your dead face because it's all so beautiful.

I was tired of all the plays and poetry, okay? No judgement. And I liked watching Hamlet go a bit mental so it's all fine. Shakespeare and I are on speaking terms now.

The point is that we're interested in your perspective no matter how many literary giants you wish to uproot from their peaceful graves and strangle. GirlSense & NonSense Magazine is a space where you can share your opinions and thoughts and we'll thank you just for saying it all out loud. We like girls people who express themselves.

I'm sure Shakespeare wrote about that somewhere too. Ugh.

Keep creating, Pamela (Co-Editor)

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