Announcing New Blog Series: #GirlsWriteBack


Dear Friends, One month after starting GirlSense & NonSense I wrote a blog post to answer the following question: why only girls? The post talked about portrayals of women in the media, objectification, and the idea that girls simply aren't valued for their minds and thoughts in the media and larger culture. This has major implications for us in terms of confidence, self-esteem, and political efficacy.


GirlSense & NonSense tries to be a force for good, for positive change as a media outlet that empowers girls to share their stories and opinions about the world they live in. One new initiative that helps us achieve this goal is called #GirlsWriteBack. We've gathered four amazing young writers who will each craft a written response to a news headline and share their perspective with our readers. You can expect weekly installments of the series through the end of summer, and to read the work of uniquely passionate young women lending their voices to the swirl of media and culture that consistently attempts to silence them.

We hope that you, the reader, will engage with us in the comments and on social media, and participate in #GirlsWriteBack. Our guest writers include Lauren Bramwell, Fatima Tall, Jamie Sugai, and Rebecca Merkley. We're confident in their abilities as writers and storytellers, and are so excited to see what they come up with! Watch out for Lauren B.'s first post next Thursday.

And don't forget: the submissions deadline for the Summer 2015 Issue (no theme!) is 4 days away! Submit now!

With Love, Pamela (Co-Editor)

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