#GirlsWriteBack: "I Am No Spokeswoman"


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I Am No Spokeswoman

By Fatima Tall

A Response to "Harriet Tubman On The $20 Dollar Bill: Democratic Senators Urge Obama To Replace Andrew Jackson" by Clark Mindock, International Business Times.


Maybe instead of putting my sisters on the 20 dollar bill you should pay me. Pay me the amount of money I deserve because showing a female face on a piece of paper will not empower me the same way as looking at a paycheck that reflects the efforts thousands of women put in each day.

Don’t get me wrong, representation is pertinent but this makes you a hypocrite because saying you “support” gender equality is not the same as being equal.

You see, American Capitalism has been a symbol of power that rose out of the palms of calloused hands that belonged to undervalued women and people of color that exploited and disenfranchised individuals who protected their homes and families and in the end were turned away when asking for aid, led astray when struggling with minimal pay This is why I don’t want your twenty dollar bill.


Because I fight everyday for women’s liberation but I will not be a spokeswoman a poster child a representation on something that is passed between greedy hands and crumpled in wallets and found at the bottom of shallow bags because we are only supporting a system we’ve spent so many years dismantling. Only supporting a system we’ve spent so many years Reassembling Only supporting a system we’ve spent so many years


hoping one day it would grow up to a potato peeling man and a iron back woman so that she would never have to stand for another man’s treasure but as another woman’s hope hope that would reassure that checkered tablecloths and empty pie tins weren’t the only things to look forward to.

So don’t tell me it’s an “HONOR” because I shouldn’t be showcased in order to get respect.

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