Summer 2015 Issue Release!


A bit about our featured artists:


FATIMA TALL - 17, Caldwell, ID - Poetry

"I spend most of my days writing on the second floor of the Flying M. I'd do that everyday if I could. "

ANGELA - 14, Austria - Photography (1st Place Winner Of Cover Art Contest)

"Photography was once a hobby, but it turned into a passion."

RACHEL ANNA - 23, Boise, ID - Art (2nd Place Winner of Cover Art Contest)

"The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?- Picasso"

JAMIE SUGAI - 15, Kuna, ID - Poetry & Photography

"My world is filled with messy paint palettes, lots of second hand CD's, walls of posters and pictures, as many concerts as possible, hours of crime shows and inevitable instances of awkward human interactions."

MEGAN WHEELER - 18, Kuna, ID - Poetry

"Just another girl learning to love herself."

CARLY HOLGATE - 24, Caldwell, ID - Poetry

"I'm a rainbow-haired dog lover that promotes the power of positivity. I'm also about that kawaii life."

GRACE PETERSON - 15, Kuna, ID, Poetry

"I'm an independent, loud, fun, and free spirited girl. I guess you could say I'm a very quirky kind of person."

CHLOE GLASS - 15, Kuna, ID, Poetry & Photography

"My identity is either: artist, writer, or photographer. Or the really tall blonde girl with the bangs."

RASHELL FLESCHER - 15, Watford, ND - Essay, Poetry, & Photography

"Insanity is just one of my many perfections."

SARAH HABLE - 15, Poetry

"At the moment I am staring at my collection of A series of Unfortunate events books by the fabulous Lemony Snicket. I'm sure I could have used these two sentences in many different ways, but for some reason I feel like that act describes me the most."

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