#GirlsWriteBack: "Priorities"


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By Rebecca Merkley

Black and White
Black and White

We all have things that we view as important; our priorities come in a wide array of assortment. And such is the same with what we see online, Only priorities are given the spotlight’s shine.

But there’s a question we should ask, when we read each piece: Are the words even truthful, or important, at least?

While our soldiers lay in fear, crying and dying, we sit in our homes wondering what color nail polish we should be buying. Or how to lose weight, or how to “flirt”

Every now and then, there’ll be a story that’s less full of selfishness and more full of glory.

Glory to a man or woman of a Armed Service’s station who lost their life while serving their great nation.

Or glory to someone who’s overcome a trial. Who was told they’d never walk another inch, and instead they ran a mile.

Or maybe a tale of something gone missing; A boy suffering from cancer is told he’s finally in remission.

But all of these feats and all of this success are overcome by other stories and rated ‘second best.’

Because knowing how much a celebrity might weigh or hearing that a famous man has come out as gay,

or looking up diets to become paper thin are much bigger accomplishments and much greater wins.

Or maybe our priorities are what’s really flawed. The things we ignore are what we really should applaud.

So keep in mind, when you read the next top story; Is it more about selfishness, or more about –rightful- glory?

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