A 'Happy Birthday!' Letter


Dear GirlSense & NonSense,

One year ago, I needed you. I needed you to tell me that not knowing what happens after college is not nearly as troublesome as climate change. Houses are sliding into the ocean, okay? And there is an octopus perched on the living room sofa watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. One year ago, your truth came like a tidal wave: I needed to chill out.

I needed you to show me that I could do more than write a literary analysis on Moby Dick and scribble a manic poem in the time it took me to walk from campus to my car. With a little guts, I was capable of so much more. You helped me swim through dark, murky depths of self-doubt to understand that making a difference and creating meaning in my life were possible.

Just picture it like this: One year ago, I chose to escape the ebb and flow of those deceptively calm waters where the ocean whispers "Get married. Have children. Be quiet and be still." After years and years of numbness and simply floating, you helped ease me to the shore.  I wrung out my clothes and began a new trek. Thank you for helping me find my footing.

GirlSense, I don't know where we'll end up but I hope it will be similar to where we started: with a group of young women telling stories and speaking their minds, and helping each other escape strong ocean currents and walk in new directions.

So happy birthday, GS&NS! I hope you're sipping champagne and watching the polar ice caps melt away.

We're all going to drown, aren't we?

Sincerely, Pamela