Welcome Liv & Emily!


Dear Readers,

Sarah and I are so excited about the the two new faces joining the GirlSense & NonSense team this week! Liv and Emily will serve as our new social media interns and they will be introducing themselves later in this post (so scroll on down!). And fear not! Chloe and Hailie (our previous social media interns) have taken on new responsibilities and new job titles in our organization. Our little team is growing and we couldn't be more pleased with the level of talent, enthusiasm, and energy in every single staff member.


With Love, Pamela Co-Editor


Hey y'all! (Can you tell I've been living in North Carolina for the last three years?) My name is Liv LuVisi, and I am a 2012 graduate of Kuna High School. I was born in California to an ex-bounty-hunter-turned-truck-driver and a gymnastics teacher. I lived in Everett, Washington, just outside of Seattle for six years before we moved to Kuna, Idaho in 2001. Kuna is, and always will be, my home. However, I am currently attending Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina on an academic full-ride scholarship. I am going to college to be a radio DJ, so I am a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Professional Writing. I will graduate with both of my degrees in May 2016, and I am so excited to see what the future holds!

I love the creative things in life, from writing and reading to modeling, acting, graphic design, photography, videography, working as a radio DJ, and competing in pageants. I was Miss Kuna Teen USA 2011 in the Miss Idaho Teen USA 2011 pageant, first runner-up in Kuna's Distinguished Young Women of America pageant, and Top 5 and first runner-up twice in Miss Gardner-Webb! (I'm hoping to bring home the title this next year!) One of the coolest things I've ever done is film for ABC channel's hidden camera television show, What Would You Do?, during my Senior year of high school. I've also been a runway model for several local companies, and I was signed by Craze Agency for modeling and acting back in 2011 as well.

If I'm not reading, working on my creative nonfiction novel, preparing for a pageant, coming out of your speakers on the radio, or sharpening my photography talents, you'll probably find me going on some kind of an adventure! Wakeboarding is my absolute favorite, but I also enjoy boating in general, tubing, kneeboarding, waterskiing (essentially anything to get me out on the lake), horseback riding, ziplining, indoor skydiving, and hiking. (Skydiving, learning to surf, bungee jumping, and cliff diving are all on my bucket list!)


However, if you were to ask me "What defines Liv?", I would have to say it's my passion to help and inspire others. I may be just one person, one woman, but I know that I can make a difference in the lives around me, because I have witnessed it firsthand already. I spend my birthdays doing "Random Acts of Kindness," one for every year that I have been alive (20 this past year, 21 at the end of this month!), and the chain reaction from these simple gestures has been phenomenal.

I wanted to work with GirlSense & NonSense because one day, I woke up and texted my best friend, Jessie, to tell her that I wanted to do more with my life. I am known to be "that girl" that takes on too much, but as I told Jessie, I wanted to be a part of something bigger, something that inspired and empowered women to be the best that they can absolutely be. And two days later, I just so happened to stumble across GirlSense & NonSense, and I knew it was meant to be. I am so excited to work as a social media intern over the course of the next nine months, because I know that I can do great things for this organization, and I am so excited for you all to be a part of this journey with me!


Hi, my name is Emily Swan, I am 20 years old and from Memphis, Tennessee. I am excited to work with GirlSense & NonSense because I am passionate about all forms of art, and want to support artists, especially young women and girls. I hope to help more people find their voice and creative outlet so that they may share their experiences and perspectives with the world.


I am a college student currently, studying Communication and Art in Memphis. My hobbies are poetry and photography. I love listening to music, you will often catch me with headphones in or singing too loudly in my car. I cannot wait to contribute to this magazine and help it reach broader audiences. I think art and writing are so important to our culture, and even small publications like GirSense have an impact on our society.