#GirlsWriteBack: "You'll Be Given Love" by Pamela C.

#GirlsWriteBack is a summer writing project hosted by the GirlSense & NonSense Blog. It features weekly essays, poems, and fiction by young women writers responding to news headlines.

"You'll Be Given Love"

By Pamela C.

Responding to:


Image via Rand Paul//Defund Planned Parenthood Petition

Science is clear that human life begins

when she fumbles with her red lipstick. the smell of his aftershave. when he presses into her backside. what color are his eyes? when…what was his name? when he pins her arms down and she whimpers. “stop.” when he never stops. “no.” when he won’t use a condom because she won’t tell.

Science is clear.

"The American people want innocent human life to be protected, especially when it is most defenseless."


Creation is an act of God, an act of love. Nine months: you are full of love. Bear your love, bear your light no matter the dark, the impenetrable blackness of fumbled red lipstick when he won’t stop.

Hinges creak as the door closes. Curtains shut to block the sun. In just a few moments, you’ll be given love.

It’s clear.