High School/College Advice Feat. Queen Beyoncé

Quite a few of our readers and followers are headed back to school this week. We felt inspired to share some advice to help you strut your stuff  inside and outside the classroom, and who better to call on for help than the ultimate #GirlPower Queen? So here's some words of wisdom from us and the one and only Beyoncé:

I Woke Up Like This.

Even if you don't roll out of bed with perfectly tousled hair and perfectly even eye liner, own your flaws and be confident in your intelligence, talents, and everything that makes you an imperfect/perfect human being. Confidence works better than concealer, so own it girl.


Drunk In Love.

Chill out on the heart-wrenching-and-I-want-to-die kind of love. Falling for a boy or girl is cool and an almost necessary emotional experience, but protect yourself and guard your heart. And one more thing: if you choose to be sexually active, be safe and remember that #ConsentIsSexy.

Who Run The World (Girls).

Find your girls, your circle, your BFFs. Lean on each other. Learn how to be (and how not to be) a good friend. Play, be silly, and laugh really hard.


Start Over.

Give everything you've got and when it's not enough, try again next time. High school (and college) can be so discouraging in so many different ways, but just remember to learn from every failure and misstep. Tomorrow's a new day. And for days when you're really nervous or you feel particularly sucky, throw on some red lipstick.

Upgrade U.

Your primary purpose in school is to learn. Yes, to learn about calculus and Shakespeare and photosynthesis, but also to learn about yourself and who you are. Start asking yourself important questions about your dreams, goals, and passions. School gives you time and space to explore and grow.


Me, Myself And I.

But seriously, just be yourself. No matter how wacky or strange. No matter how confusing that might be. Just do you.