This is kind of a big deal.


This past weekend, I went away and spent some time staring at mountains and laughing with my cousins.

I also spent some time staring at emails hitting the GirlSense & NonSense inbox (because who can ever really just put their phone down?).

Girls from all around the country (and from different countries) are submitting their photography, poetry, essays, art, etc. to GirlSense & NonSense Magazine to be considered for publication in our Fall 2015 Issue.

I felt happy, piss-my-pants excited, and overwhelmed.

You people rock my world and have changed my life. I love reading and experiencing every submission. I reading your words and viewing your art. Most of the time, it makes me cry. For real.

And here's some more good news: there's still time to submit your work to be published in our 5th issue. Learn how to submit by clicking here

I can't wait to hear from you.

With Love,

Pamela Co-Editor