Uh oh. Alexis Standley hijacked our blog!

Alexis Standley is our new intern and will be taking over our Twitter starting next week. But for now, we let her run wild with the GS&NS blog. So internet, meet Alexis: Helloooooooo Everyone! My name is Alexis Standley. I am 22 years old and am an Idaho native! I was born and raised in Pocatello and made the move to Boise when I graduated in May of this year. I earned my degree in Marketing and Management. I originally went into school not knowing what I wanted to do (along with every other person in the world) and throughout college discovered that the degree I was working towards was very versatile and would be the perfect fit for me! I came across an ad for the Twitter intern position at GirlSense and NonSense and had never heard of the organization before. I did my research and found out how fantastic this digital magazine really was and how much it can benefit girls around the world! I’m honored to be a part of the team and am excited for the future of this magazine!


Sooooo this is me. Yup. And it’s a pretty good depiction of my personality. I can be a bit shy when I first meet someone, but after about a week they’ll be telling me to be quiet and stop acting so weird. But let me tell you, weird people are what make this world go round. So if anyone ever tells you you’re weird, give them a strong “Thank you.”


Every morning I wake up, you know I’m reaching for that Cup O’ Joe. It’s delish. Enough said.


This made sound like a simple phrase… but it’s a powerful one. Let’s take a moment to think about this. Life is sooo short, like wasn’t it just yesterday that I was fighting over why Lacy gave Taylor the other half of her best friend necklace instead of me in fifth grade??? Nope. Today’s the day I was dreaming about in fifth grade... My future. THE FUTURE IS NOW. Why waste time over bad vibes? Focus on the good ones. Whenever I start to get upset over the little things, I think of this and it helps me forget about it and move on to bigger and better things!


In high school I was always trying to be good at something artistic and it just never worked out for me (trust me). I tried many forms of art and although I still sing louder than anyone in the car, it is just not my forte. In college I started getting really into makeup and it became a passion of mine. So this is my form of art. I love everything about it. I love what it can do for woman. I love the variety of looks you can make with it. And I simply love doing both my own and others. Finding what you are passionate about it in life is very important and being able to share it with others is a whole other level (hence why I think GirlSense and Nonsense is such an incredible idea). Which brings me to……


I started a YouTube Channel about a month ago. I was trying to upload about once a week, but it’s difficult to keep it up with all the other things going on in my life! So far they are makeup tutorials, but hopefully in the future I can switch it up and add some new, different stuff!

Let's welcome Alexis to our little corner of the internet! We're so excited to have her on our team! And don't forget to visit her on our Twitter, too!