How To Create The Fall 2015 Issue Of GS&NS Magazine

[It's really a space walk.]

Gather all submitted words and visuals. Lay them down and spread them across a hard floor. Walk on top of them and jump from piece to piece, planet to planet, and wonder how they could exist in the same universe.

[Truth is a lighthouse.]

Remember this space is not so infinite or chaotic, that there are intergalactic tethers connecting seemingly disparate narratives. Truths are often submerged deep in craters but will emerge as beams of light, signaling life and breath to deep space explorers. You'll have to wear a sturdy pair of space boots.

[Fear means you've got something good.]

There is darkness and heaviness. Persist and let yourself just float through. Allow gravity to guide you deeper . Because there is always movement. There is always a moment of transcendence. First, you'll only see tiny particles of dust and then you'll slowly see yourself. Stories are black holes.

[Instigate war.]

Now you know this universe and this universe knows you. Gather your camera, canvas, paint, and other materials. Begin by recognizing that new things are created in chaos. Remove the universal order and watch as the planets collide. Let them merge and converge, let them chip away at each other's perfect structures.

[There is a (somewhat) new creation here.]

And when the dust settles, wipe off the dust but NEVER repair the damage. Truth is an open wound that never really heals. Better to let things bleed.

[Let it be.]

When it's done, it's done. Let others survey the damage. Time to search for new stars.

Pamela Craig Co-Editor


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