Where We Are/Where We're Going

I'm writing this and listening to Halsey's "New Americana" because my BFF and fellow Co-Editor said I should almost one month ago, and Liv (our Facebook intern) was also raving about the band. This little story is important because it explains something very important about me: I'm not nearly as cool and hip as I think am. And this magazine and organization would consistently be about one month behind pop culture (and general happenings) without the rest of its staff. I'm so grateful for all of them.

raised on Biggie and Nirvana we are the New Americana

That song is so kick-ass.


So what has actually been happening at GirlSense & NonSense? I'm going to assume you're curious.

We released the 5th issue (Fall 2015) and filled page after page with so much incredible work. I got really nervous about everything and sort of tripped out while trying to design the damn thing. You can read all about it here. And now we're preparing for the Winter 2015 Issue. THE 6TH ISSUE.



Luckily, GirlSense & NonSense's staff no longer consists of two people. We've grown to include six humans! Chloe has already started desining the Winter 2015 Issue and Hailie has basically been handling everything related to digital content. Liv, Emily, and Alexis are busy trying to take over the internet with feminism and girl power, and IT IS GLORIOUS. They are all extremely talented people.

As for me: I'm now listening to Adele's new song and have to periodically stop writing to scream/sing the lyrics. It's so good.

Hello from the other siiiiiddddeeeeee


And I am really content with where we are and very excited about where we are going. GirlSense & NonSense is reaching more and more writers and artists from all over the world. We're letting them know their voices matter, and their stories and art are worth sharing.

Finally, next week we start a new, ambitious social media campaign. I'm nervous and little scared but I'm hoping that we can engage in meaningful conversations and provoke real change. Stay tuned.

Adele's song is repeating now. I better go.

Hello It's me

With Love, Pamela


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