Letters From Walking To My Car: A New Campaign

Letters From Walking To My Car

By Hailie Johnson-Waskow GS&NS Digital Content Coordinator

December 2, 2014 Dear Manager,

Why do you make me walk to my car from approximately 5:30 A.M. to 5:50 A.M.? I know the airport has a lot of flights around 6 A.M. but do you realize that no one is shopping at our boutique this early? It’s just bad business. But beyond that, I have asked you several times to not make me open. I am the only employee who lives on campus. That means I am the only employee that will have to walk to my car in the dark. Do you just not care?


Disgruntled Employee


Dear University,

I cannot decide if I am more disgusted or disappointed by your parking policies. It takes me approximately 20 minutes to walk to my car from my room in the dark at 5 A.M. I realize that all of your policies are constructed by white males but could you take a moment to consider what this means for your female students? I am essentially confined to my room until it is daylight. Either this, or I risk my safety to walk across a college campus and, potentially, suffer sexual assault. However, this is only an accurate representation of the rest of your, and every other universities’, policy toward sexual assault. Or should I say, your lack thereof. We run one small campaign that is simply another instance of instructing women how to not get raped. When will you start teaching boys to not rape us?

Hope you actually read this,

Tuition + Housing + Books = Just a price tag that should keep her opinions to herself


Dear Society,

Why do I constantly have to live in fear? I want to blame everyone else that I have to walk to my car in the dark afraid of being raped but, realistically, it is your fault. You told me that boys would hit me on the playground because they liked me and I should take it as a compliment. You told me it was okay that I had less opportunities my entire life. You told me that it was justified I was paid less because my value is less as an individual. You told me I should stay home to take care of children. You told me that the sexual assault was my fault; I shouldn’t have been wearing that, I shouldn’t have been alone with him, I shouldn’t have been so nice if I didn’t want it. The worst part is that this is not the most dangerous environment for me; alone, walking in the dark. The most dangerous environment for me is at a party, with people I feel like I can trust. At a friend’s house. Studying with a classmate. It is so much more likely that someone I trust, know, and potentially consider myself close with will hurt me. The problem with you is that you think this is acceptable. You refuse to take the necessary steps to teach the problems with you. You refuse to address those who are pleading with you to change. So, I live every second of my life fearing the next. Just like every other woman in the world.

Just looking for some help,

Another silenced voice


For the next two months, GirlSense and NonSense will be conducting a campaign to address the incredibly impactful issue of sexual assault. There will be analysis, prose, pictures, and, most importantly, discussion. As we will always be, GirlSense and Nonsense is a resource for your expression and a safe place for your emotions. We will always attempt to be sensitive but, be warned, we will be discussing very sensitive issues. This, we hope, will establish a space to share our emotions and to begin working toward ending this epidemic. 


If you are interested in contributing to our blog on this subject, please email us your ideas for content: girlsensenonsense@gmail.com

Winter 2015 Issue Deadline: December 6th, 2015