"What is love?" By Bronia Sawyer

Love is not an object of which you desire.

Love never deceives it is never a liar.

Love is not angry it's not selfish or mean.

Love is not something that makes a big scene.

Love does not curse it does not abuse.

Love is not jealous love does not confuse.

Love is none of those things above.

Love is love it is love it is love.

It shelters it calms it protects and it cares.

Love is so strong it has strength like a bear.

Love is reliable honest and true.

Love loves you simply for just being you.

Love is warm when the world makes you cold.

Love can't see wrinkles no matter how old.

Love doesn't judge it does not compare.

Love will not leave it will always be there.

Love is loyal on love you can depend.

Love is so honest it will never pretend.

Image Designed By Bronia Sawyer

Image Designed By Bronia Sawyer

Love will transcend any thought any fear,

It will never confuse because love’s always clear.

Love it can come from all over the place,

It does not judge you by religion or race.

Love doesn't mind if you're fat or you're thin.

Love really loves you for who is within.

Sometime it feels like love is not near,

Sometimes in our life we can't see it so clear

Before we can give or from others receive.

We have to find strength in ourselves to believe.

We have to dig deep in our souls to a depth.

We have to have faith in ourselves to accept.

We need to find the parts of ourselves we are proud.

To work out a way to let us love ourselves.

Love never runs out you will always have more.

So don't be afraid to say "je t'aime et vous adore".

Bronia Sawyer is a writer and artist from England.

"Art is part of who I am, I have wanted to be an artist since I was very young. Art is so ingrained in my personality that I would be lost without it. I don't know where I end and Art begins. It is part of how I process and express myself helping me deal with anxiety depression and OCD, while also heliping to build my confidence and self worth. It has been with me through sadness, happiness, and exploration. I love that it is many things at different times and it is as valuable to the maker as it can be for the viewer. My hopes are that my art and poetry can help me on my own journey through life but also that It helps others, helping them feel connected and inspiring them to also be creative."

On Her Poem:

"This poem is inspired by modern society's perception of love. I feel many people are missing the point of what love is. Many people I know have had problems with relationships, looking for lust or trying to fill a void. The best thing I was ever told about relationships is it takes two whole people to make a whole relationship, and to be whole we have to be able to find some self worth so that we can accept love from others."
On Being A Female Creator:

"I like to think art and creating is a fantastic platform for men and women to share their views with the world. I believe in equality and I have been lucky enough personally to almost always feel like an equal when it comes to life and art but I know that this has not been and still is not always the case, even now. Women artists through platforms such as GirlSense & NonSense get the coverage they deserve and it also encourages them to find their voices and share with others, creating unity and strength. Women's voices are worth hearing and their views and passions are important."


Connect With Bronia:

Facebook: Bronia Sawyer
Instagram: @Broniasawyerartist