Poetry: "Utah" By Hannah Van Zee

by Hannah Van Zee

“I love Utah,” he announces childishly.
It’s cloudy – the sun is pasting
Deep blue shadows on distant cliffs
 Like bleary Fruit Rollup tongue tattoos.

Red cliffs, like tongues,
Or cracked and creviced lips
The lips that he uses to kiss me
First thing in the morning.

He changes lanes without signaling,
Comments again on the views
As though I can’t measure beauty
With my own open eyes.

“I love Utah.” I think about
The first three syllables
And take my birth control with
Gas station coffee.

Hannah Van Zee is a writer from Iowa.

"I'm studying writing and rhetoric, media, and social change, and I'm passionate about social justice. I hope to use my writing to tell stories of systemic oppression and to talk about my own experiences as a bisexual woman."

On Her Work:

"I was on a road trip, in a temporary relationship with someone I both loved and felt consumed by, so while he drove, I wrote."

On Female Creators:

"I fully believe that there is no such thing as The Truth, and that every individual finds their own truth from their own experiences and perspectives. So, I'm just here to add my lower-case t truth through the best way I know how, by writing, and in doing so strengthen the collective voice of women in the world."

Connect With Hannah:

instagram: @hannahvanzee