October Staff TV Picks!

Dear Readers, 

October is here and as the leaves fall and the days get shorter, we think it's the perfect time snuggle up in front your laptop/TV and indulge in stories. Below, our staff shares a diverse selection of upcoming and all-time favorite TV shows, from comedy to science fiction.

We hope we give you a reason to take time for yourself and get lost in a screen this month. Here at GirlSense & NonSense, it's one of our favorite things to do. 

Happy autumn to you and yours!

Pamela Picks: 

Season one of The Man In The High Castle (from Amazon) debuted last year and I devoured it in a few weeks. It's set in post-WWII America, except in an America where we lost the war and the Axis powers have divided the country amongst themselves with Germany holding the East and Japan holding the West. It's got espionage, murder, romance and all of the makings for great entertainment. And if you're a history buff like me, it's freaking fascinating. Season two will premiere in December and I can't wait!

My favorite thing to do on a chilly October Sunday is to tune into Masterpiece Classic on PBS. I've been obsessed since I was in high school. Currently, season two of Poldark is airing and it's a newfound favorite for me. I love seeing classic literature come to life and the long, sprawling shots of English countryside are always on point.

Emily Picks: 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of my favorite television shows, is back on for its fourth season this fall, and so far it’s just as funny as the past three! It has a ton of awesome characters and a diverse, extremely talented cast. I recommend it to anyone who is in need of a good laugh.

Bill Hader and Fred Armisen star in Documentary Now!, a series of hilarious parodies of famous documentaries, including spoofs of Grey Gardens and Nanook of the North. There is only seven episodes currently, but I hope they will be back with more.

Hailie Picks:

I am currently re-watching all of 30 Rock on Netflix. I love female comedians and I feel women offer a unique comedic perspective; Tina Fey is no exception. The comedy is brilliant and thrilling throughout the entirety of the show. Some scenes often leave my roommate and I repeating the lines to one another for weeks. 

I have heard some amazing things about Stranger Things and am waiting for the opportunity to watch it. It has gained immense popularity in just a few short weeks. There is no doubt it will be a good watch. 

Chloe Picks:

Without a doubt, my favorite television show of all time would be Gilmore Girls. I was too young to have any idea that the show even existed when it was originally on the air from 2000 to 2007, but when it was put on Netflix not too long ago I saw it and decided to try out as it starred a few actors and actresses I already knew of-- and after the ending of that first episode I then watched all seven seasons in an embarrassingly short amount of time. If you haven’t seen the show or heard of it before (you might have with all the hype on the internet over the soon to premiere Netflix mini-series revival), it’s a dramedy series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino centering around the relationship of a thirty-something single mother and her daughter, Rory, living in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. I highly recommend this show to anyone and everyone. 

As I feel like this is practically its own genre now, I’ll sum up my next favorites in one person: everything Shonda Rhimes. Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and a kinda newbie, How to Get Away with Murder, are all favorites of mine right now. They are all completely different stories and themes-- but they all are the same in portraying powerful, feminist, real women that they star and in containing clever writing. If you’ve never seen even one of her shows, I highly recommend you take an hour and watch one of those as well.