Poetry: "Venus Flytrap" by Rebecca Lucas

Venus Flytrap

I climb four flights of stairs
To catch you in your room
In a mortar of embraces
Ground senses
And masticated emotion
Spat free of pith
I don’t mean to be this way I whisper
So I try to mould it all together
But the pieces have begun to shatter
And it’s too late to make them clay

Rebecca Lucas is a writer based in London.

"I'm a 30 year old writer using words to paint pictures. I'm an equalitist and humanist and I write about the emotions we experience to share some insight about being the same on a human level."

On Her Work:

"This work was inspired by a period of loss accompanied by positive change and personal growth. Writing about my experiences helped me to understand that hurting can be positive because I have grown spiritually. I'm sharing this work in the hope that others who have had similar experiences can draw some strength and comfort from my writing."

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