From The Editor: Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump,

I started an online publication and organization over two years ago to elevate and celebrate female voices across our country and the world. On the day that America chose you as our leader, we published a poem on our website called "Smother Me Mother" by Anugraha Sundaravelu, a writer living in India. Here's an excerpt: 

"Smother me Mother , 
While I’m still a babe at your breast;
While I’m still crying in hunger and not in pain
As I lay there
With strange men inside of me,
Wishing you had just smothered me
While I was still a babe."

At this time last year, we published my own mother's story of sexual abuse:

"My number one goal in life was to make sure that my kids grew up in a loving, happy home and that their childhood would be everything mine wasn't. I grew up being scared and afraid of an older brother who sexually abused me. I was five-years-old when it first started."

And from Lauren Bramwell on August 6th, 2015:

"Because people don’t seem to understand that those touched by unwanted hands
Are often trapped in prisons of silence
Bound by ropes and chains of judgment and doubt
Strangled by satin sheets
Gagged by skeptic stares"

And from M.L. Morris on January 5th, 2016:

"It’s my fault isn’t it?
I got up to leave.
He forced me back down.
I could feel his weight on my chest.
I struggled to breathe.
My mind raced.

So yesterday, I cried at the reality of your presidency, Mr. Trump. I cried with my co-workers and friends. I spent hours texting with my sister and calling loved ones, hours of trying not to feel targeted, marginalized, and silenced.

Because yes, we cry to mourn the loss of the possibility a female president but even more than that, we cry because a man, who has normalized the degradation and abuse of women and people of color, has won the most powerful position in the world.

More tears may be shed tomorrow and the next day but, sir, don't ever equate our tears with weakness. This publication will go on, we'll continue writing, drawing, creating, and raising our voices. And women in our country and across the world will continue to pick each other up and hold the line, no matter how much people try to push us back.

So to President Trump and the Americans who elected him: you now have the floor. But know that we are waiting and watching, more emboldened and empowered than ever before, ready to rise and defend the progress our sisters have made. 

It's your move but watch your step. We're ready to rise.

Pamela Craig
GirlSense & NonSense


For my sisters:



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