Election Series: "Caged" by Chloe Glass

By Chloe Glass

As I stood there
With my hands tight over my ears
My mind screamed at me
This isn’t true, it can’t be true--
I will wake up tomorrow with a hope for the future
Not this despair sitting so heavy in my chest

There is an earthquake inside my body
“Everything is falling apart,”
I said with wet cheeks and a shaken voice because--
This one night past cages:
Millions of faces behind the bars of their own being
Key gripped in the hands of an unreachable man

I didn’t understand how we’d ever escape--
We’d starve, freeze, lying on the cold hard ground
Caged, we would be
Life filled up with nothing but a desire for the past
A peaceful transition? 
Closer in relation to a horse hiding men.

But in such impending terror I seem to forget--
Though we may be caged
We resemble nothing close to what is weak.
Those bars will bend by the strength of our fists
And we will stand back up by the kindness of each other's hands
We will break free from this nightmare.


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