Election Series: "To Donald J. Trump" By Kelsey Craig

To Donald J. Trump

By Kelsey Craig

He laughed at my innocence. He mocked my knowledge. Apparently, I knew very little of the subject. I was an object that he could manipulate, because his life was far more important than mine. And when I wanted to stop, why did it not matter? Why was my voice only background noise to him? Why did I let him treat me that way?

These questions were not answered at the time because I never asked them. You see, I believed in him. When he joked about my character or my willingness to be controlled, I laughed along with him. Blinded, his insults blended together and were never addressed. I never saw the problem. Now, he probably struts the streets. Does he understand how he hurt me? Does he care?

And then I met someone else. He was kind, caring, and believed in me. He treated me like a Goddess. I told him of my past, not thinking much of it, and he opened my eyes. My blindness to the situation corrupted my thoughts of the pain I felt deep, deep down. 

The point is, I found something good. He showed me there were good men left in this world. And you, Mr. Trump, are not one of them. You remind me of my past. As you stand on that podium, accepting the presidency as if it is now bragging rights to those that doubted you, you remind me of that boy who ridiculed my purity. It is all a flashback to that time that I realized my voice does not matter. My opinion does not matter.

But who are you to judge? What gives you the right to ridicule my body or say I do not have a brain, all because I am a woman?

I weep at your presidency, Mr. Trump. But my tears are not shed for you, rather shed for the women of this nation. I cry for the ones who understand and feel my pain. I cry for the women who can see what this election means for their future. But most importantly, I cry for the women who don’t understand; the women that believe you are a true, honest, and good man. Those women, Mr. Trump, are blinded just as I was with the boy who stole many things from me.

But do not fret, those women will see your true colors eventually. It is only a matter of time before everyone else will see you’re evil, just as I do. Until that time, I will stand up and fight because I see you for what you truly are. I have a voice, I have a brain, and I am ready to fight. Be prepared, Mr. Trump.


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