Poetry: "Was It The Stare Of A Desperado" By Gabriella Garofalo

Was It The Stare Of A Desperado

By Gabriella Garofalo

Was it the stare of a desperado
A sec before shooting, 
Of a blade
Before falling down
To a jumbled place - 
Sure, the land’s being cleared out, 
But in those days they had
Long beards, long raven hair - 
Invisible poets, do not chide her
For cold-shouldering the sun: 
The moon shouted harder: 
Street riots again, 
The sky up in arms against sunsets, 
The leaves daring water, bruised cities, 
Tonight she’ll work hard
At mending victims - 
I know, look, one day distance will stumble, 
Freedom of speech, no more shots for the soul, 
No more frenzied grass, 
Miles away she’ll live in her mind
The buried light’s strokes
As the neon signs twanged green and blue: 
A man or sharp anarchy of God? 
April might well have some answers, 
But he’s giving us branches, blossoms and wind - 
The cruellest month, as someone wrote
Long ago.

Gabriella Garofalo is a writer from Milan, Italy. 

"I think I'm a wordsmith, in love with words, engaged in an endless effort to giving a decent shape - I hope so, at least - to my obsessions, my losses, my many shadows."

On Her Work:

"The less the reader knows the better:-) As for my inspiration, it's simply my powerful desire to answer to the questions my life has been rife with ever since I was a child."

On Female Creators:

"Well, as a female creator I believe that I can send my words as wandering pilgrims that are looking for a shelter: whoever gives them shelter can look at them and establish a bond with them. Words are powerful, maybe more than life itself and bonds can endure for life." 

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