"Illusion" By Pinky Sharma

There’s havoc in my mind; irreparable thoughts and some good wine,

traveling through the veins and descending down the eyes;

unveiling a charisma and I am alive. 

Image Designed By Chloe Glass

Image Designed By Chloe Glass

Pinky Sharma is a writer from Mumbai, India

"I am a wanderer who converts happiness and sadness, pain or pleasure into words. I believe that words have the power to transmit the strongest of emotions and thus with this in mind and heart I set out to write and express."

On her work:

"This work of mine was inspired by the daily hustles in a person's life and then finding solace in something that is nothing but merely an illusion. Very often, we humans tend to forget that we are here to fight and strive for what is ours and what is right. I strongly believed and still do believe that instead of finding temporary solace elsewhere for all our problems, we should focus on shaping ourselves and fight for it. Life is not short, it's the longest thing one can witness. So, with this work I have intended to create permanent happiness and eliminate bubble lived joy."

On Female Creators:

"The word 'Perspective' is in itself a revolution. Perspectives have been judged and talked about over the ages and still are, credits to the human brain. With a population of million and trillion, it's very necessary to let the world know what are your thoughts and feelings. Perspectives gives a chance to think and brainstorm the ideas. Thus, one should not step back from expressing and sharing what they feel."

Connect With Pinky:

Instagram: @pinky_sharma11