Chloe Writes: "The Long-Legged Spiders"

Chloe Writes is a #GS&NS blog series featuring the work of our very own Design Assistant, Chloe Glass. From her notebook to your screen, Chloe shares her writing, photography, and art with our creative readers. 


The long-legged spiders that creep along your bedroom wall

and scale up the bedsheet that has drooped down to the ground.

The everlasting wind that screeches and scrapes outside your window

 and it’s curling hands of fog that slide over thin panes of glass.

The doors all locked with irrelevant locks

and irrelevant time taken to turn them.

 You who closes your eyes under the covers and whose mind does not succumb sleep.

The night whose stars will no longer be seen

and whose sun never seems to rise.

Photo By Chloe Glass

Photo By Chloe Glass

The shivers that travel prickling up your spine and wrap themselves tightly around your neck

and the thing that steps through your now open door and strolls leisurely through your home.

The couch, the kitchen table, the book shelf, the pictures hanging on the walls

they shake and stir with fear themselves.

The footsteps that make no sound upon the ground

 and fingers that become smoke in the air.

You who makes no move at all

and does not fall asleep.