GS&NS On The Road: Washington DC!

GirlSense & NonSense editors, Pamela & Sarah, are heading to Washington DC in a little over two weeks for the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference! Since we're fundraising to pay for a booth at the conference, we wanted to share bit more about our intentions and the event itself. 

1. What is the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference?

"Sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation, the 2016 National Young Feminist Leadership Conference will provide young activists with the opportunity to network, grow their knowledge on pertinent domestic and global feminist issues, and fine-tune their organizing methodology. Join young feminist activists from around the nation as we discuss issues including (but definitely not limited to) reproductive justice, eco-feminism, intersectionality and identity-based activism, campus organizing tactics and methods, violence against women, ballot measures and political organizing, social media and web-based activism, and global women’s rights and health." Read even more about the event here

2. Why are we going?

We want to be better feminists. We want to be better activists and allies. We want to be better leaders. 

And equally important, we want to share our mission of empowering female artists to write, create, and share their perspectives. We want to share our platform with hundreds of young women, and invite them to participate in our efforts to honor female creative expression.

Quite simply, we want to hang out with a bunch of feminist babes and talk about our plans for world domination. This conference makes all of that possible.

3. Why are we raising money?

In order to reach as many feminist babes as possible, we want to reserve booth for GirlSense & NonSense at the conference's exhibition event. We also need help paying for fancy flyers, stickers, and other cool advertising materials.

4. What will donations pay for?

We're raising $450 total and the break down is really simple: 
-$300 to reserve a booth for GS&NS at the #NYFLC Exhibition event. 
-$150 towards a banner, fancy flyers, and other GS&NS advertising materials to deck out our booth.


We've reached 41% of our  goal so even the smallest contribution makes a huge difference. And even if you can't give donate money, a shout out on social media is really helpful and extremely appreciated. 

Sarah and I are so grateful for every single donation, and for everyone single one of our supporters. We've dedicated nearly two years of our lives to this organization and we can't wait to bring it to the East Coast and a whole new audience. Thank you for helping get us there.

With Love,
Pamela (and Sarah)


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