"A Night To Remember" by M.L. Morris

A Night To Remember

A Poem By M.L. Morris


It was a quiet evening.  

We were at his house.

It’s my fault isn’t it?

I lay quietly and content in his arms.

His hands gently rubbed my back.

My mind began searching.

It’s my fault isn’t it?

I got up to leave.

He forced me back down.

I could feel his weight on my chest.

I struggled to breathe.

My mind raced.


Muffled screams were stuck in my throat.

I turned my head willing it to be over.

RELEASE.  He was done.

He turned over.  

I was numb.

I didn’t say, “No.”

It was my fault, wasn’t it . . .

Image designed by Chloe Glass

Image designed by Chloe Glass

M.L. Morris is a writer based in Boise, ID. 

"My name is Marcelle. I am a mother, sister, aunt and a woman and with these titles, I have a responsibility to myself, my daughter and the women that came before me to be true to who I am. I am a writer. I don't consider myself to be a perfect writer. I consider myself to be a good writer. I use writing as an outlet for my thoughts, my feelings, my aggression and in some cases to make others think."

On her poem:

"I was inspired to write my poem about an incident that happened in my youth. As I have gotten older, I found myself reflecting more on life and the tragedies and/or lessons that happen in life. The poem is not about placing blame or being powerless. It's more about being powerful and taking back what was lost. I don't care about being politically correct as I don't like putting myself or others in a box. I don't apologize for my words. I accept them and I own them."

On being a female creator: 

"The most important part of being a female creator is realizing that we, as women, have more power than we are given credit; often times, that power is reflected through words, canvas and color. Society and social norms try to restrict that power by smothering our voices. But I find that when we are afraid, we express ourselves (our voice) through art and creative outlets. The voice is sometimes quiet and subtle, like that of a muted tone and others times it is loud and boisterous, like words on a page."