"Ocean Wave" By Jenn Rose


How long does it take for ocean waves

to reach their journey's end?

I am an ocean wave that is tossed by the strong wind,

the currents beneath me push me on towards the shore.

I am pulled and stretched over the

dark waters that lay underneath,

I do not know what monsters are waiting under me,

what bloodthirsty creatures I harbor in my trough.

I am disoriented by the frantic movements my body is

forced to do, I have no stability,

I cannot control my great strength

which at the same time is my greatest weakness.

I am hurled across a magnificent ocean looking for a

shore to die on; waiting for that moment when my crest

comes high and crashes towards my doom

with the pristine white sands of a small island.

I am waiting and I long for that moment

when my waters come undone by the ecstasy

of touching something other than the

other blue waves that surround me.

How long will it take me to reach my journey's end?

I lay in a dream like trance as the night makes the ocean calmer

and stare up at the stars that light the same shore

I am destined for; only they know when it will end.

Jenn Rose is a writer from Lares, Puerto Rico.

"I love to write poems that tell spectacular tales of love, of loss and other interesting aspects of life. My biggest inspiration is nature and the outdoor elements and how they influence my feelings and thoughts. I am a great observer of the world around me and the people around me and I use those actions to portray ideas through my writing."

On her work:

"Ocean Wave is really about a journey and how the narrator is uncertain of where that journey may take her so she sees herself as an ocean wave."

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