Poetry Collection By Monique Haden


Let's pretend we're trees
and entangle our limbs so tight.
Plant your roots right next to mine
and let them intertwine.
Carve our initials in
each-others hearts bark,
Grow into me forever, 
Let's make love like a forest;
'Cause a forest still stands
even after the dark. 



I'm exhausted with thinking the world is out to get me.
But my arms don't twist back quite far
enough to pull out the old arrow tips from my spine.
Hunched question mark posture, 
A lot less room for error when looking towards the floor.
Hiding behind blankets of hurt filled pupils,
I'm dying to just live.
I wanna break away rusted memory chains and fill my DNA chains with love and only love.
My bones ache to be held without trembling. 
Take my hands and straighten my form,
I want to believe that he really loves me. 



And you my dear are my biggest adventure.
Your entire heart is my destination. 
No maps.
No plans.
Other then to keep exploring every speck on your body,
Get lost while connecting the dots...
You are the very treasure buried in my x-marked heart.



I didn't grow into needing you,
I needed you from the start,
Someone to define my unraveled heart
strings as their comfort blanket yarn. 
Smother me in this love until the end of time,
I felt a little undone until your heart was mine.


Monique Haden is a writer from California.

"I am a head full of stories to tell and words to spill. I write to feel, to gain clarity on past emotions and situations; I write to heal. I would hope that someone reading my writing, somehow found a piece of their own soul in my words. I try to share nothing but the most raw of emotions to ensure that someone out there will relate.  Even if it was just one person who read my writing and felt some comfort in it, I would feel accomplished. I find comfort in that aspect alone.  I feel brave when I am able to dig deep into myself and sort through all of my emotions and compress them all down into words; and I say that with a humble heart.  I simply feel lucky to have a way to express myself."

On Her Work:

"Take a look at your life, dissect it and really let yourself feel it all.  That's the beauty in this big adventure we call life; the rise and the fall. That's all my writing is; simply feeling."

On Female Creators:

"My life hasn't always be easy, there was a long period of time when I didn't let myself have a voice.  I didn't find myself, or my writing beautiful and I was scared to express myself.  In 2012, I decided to get sober from a 10 year long alcohol binge and stop hiding. That is when I can truly say I began to love myself. I began writing again in a different way (as I have always written) and figuring out exactly who I was, and that helped to save me. My quick to the point-point is:
 Don't be scared to love yourself.  
And by that I mean the true you.  
The raw, uncut, rough draft version of you. Express yourself in any way that you feel is necessary, let it out.  Because being YOU is so beautiful, so share it with the world!"

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