"Hope" By Bree Barkwell

Once upon a time when I first came to Earth
I was warned about hope.
Hope, they told me
was like a rich luxurious food-
in small portions it is
wonderful and satisfying
but if you overindulge
you will be left disappointed
and your appetite for it
will be lost.
Better to have a little
and savour it
then having too much
and be left with a bitter taste.


Image Designed By Chloe Glass

Image Designed By Chloe Glass

Bree Barkwell is a writer from Edmonton, AB, Canada.

"I write to try and figure out my place in the world. Rearranging 26 letters endlessly, attempting to convey the exact depths of the love, hurt, or interest I see in the world. I hope that my words will spark a connection with someone else who is feeling the same."

On Her Work:

"When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I researched symptoms, treatments and alternative therapies endlessly. This just stressed me out, and I ended up writing fiction about an alternative way I could have developed this illness. It was fun, and made me feel better to depict myself and others as warriors instead of sick people."

Website: www.poetrybb.com