March Love List

A list of things most loved from our GS&NS Editor, a habitual list maker. 


For a daily dose of news, culture, and, election 2016 coverage, I've been obsessed with The Atlantic. Follow Ta-Nehisi Coates, a writer from The Atlantic, for particularly insightful articles. 

A sampling of a few articles I read this morning: 
The Obama Doctrine
When Lead Affects Learning
Literature's Emotional Lessons



I never knew I needed a hand-written postcard from Paris, until I pulled one out of my mailbox. Thanks, Sarah.

And can we make hand-writing postcards a thing again? Please?


If you like so-messed-up-I-don't-know-what-I-just-watched movies, then you must see The Witch.

I'll never forget Black Phillip. Never.

Watch this Vice interview with the director, Robert Eggers, here for more insight on the film as a "Puritan nightmare." 



4. Listen

Podcasts, podcasts, and more podcasts.

My favorite this month and every month is Dear Sugar. If you wanna learn how to be a better human, and if you adore Cheryl Strayed as much as I do, have a listen. Strayed and co-host, Steve Almond, lend their ears and 'radical empathy' to listeners each and every week. 

It's so good.



It's almost summer which means this happened last weekend: 



So that's what I've been loving, lovelies. How about you?