Art Collection by Hollie Davis

Note: The displayed images depict Hollie's piece in progress. Click through to the last image to see the final work. 

Hollie Davis is an artist from Granville, Ohio.

"I'm really passionate about recreating and reinterpreting the conditions of society. I like to re-imagine or re-contextualize identity overcoming structural barriers. It's heavily influenced my personal experience the aspects of my own story that intersects with those barriers."

On Her Work:

"The [National Young Feminist Leadership] conference really made me think about the times I have been with ordinary people and the empowerment we felt in numbers. The  painting of the protesters represent three different protests in multiple locations  including the November Michigan Avenue protest of Laquan McDonald’s death at the hands of the Chicago Police. One panel represents the High St. protest in Columbus rallying against the notorious rough ride that led to the death of Freddie Gray. The top panel represents the Vietnam war. I placed these separate contexts in the same piece to reflect “a squadron of conflicting rebellions” (Lorde, qtd Black Mother Woman) . I wanted to leave the viewer questioning the notion of progress, how far have we moved as a nation if decades later we’re strategizing against the same problems. It’s a question I posed to myself as the painting represents my past, present, and future in activism continuous and stretching as far into the distance as the eye can see."

On Female Creators:

"No one will tell your story but you. We can see in the media how artificial those representations of humanity. Artists create culture and therefore counter narratives to that superficiality." 

Connect With Hollie:

Facebook: Highly Defined Art By Hollie Davis