"Locked In": Photo Poetry By Oldepoetry

Locked In


Oldepoetry is a writer from Bristol, England.

"Attaining a First Class English Literature and Creative Writing degree in 2014, Oldepoetry's (aka Liane) work has been published and produced through several mediums including poetry, spoken word, memoirs and stage plays. Liane has a passion for Existentialism, Feminism and Mental Health, which is always explored through her works. Inspired by Brecht and Caryl Churchill, Liane aspires to encourage those to reevaluate their position in society and encourage them to be more positively active in decreasing stigma, being less judgemental and cleansing the mind of the self."

On Her Work:

"This piece was inspired by many black, female spoken word artists including my gran, who are still constantly fighting for equality and acceptance when it comes to careers, our physical attributes and relationships, especially in regards to sex. The background of these pictures are to not only heighten the poetry, they are also to show that readers should not feel embarrassed or feel obliged to have sexual desires by looking at breasts. The purpose of this poetry is not to turn you on."

On Female Creators:

"As a woman who is curvy, black, adopted, suffers from a Mental Health illness and a visual impairment, I feel as if I have something I need to say, even though I question myself sometimes, I believe that female voices shouldn't hide, why should we?"


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