Chloe Writes: "Hunger."

Chloe Writes is a #GS&NS blog series featuring the work of our very own Design Assistant, Chloe Glass. From her notebook to your screen, Chloe shares her writing, photography, and art with our creative readers. 


It doesn’t burn. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t keep me from being warm in the late hours of the night. It reaches every part of me; filling my every vein, bone, organ, my heart, with hollowness.

It’s suffocating and I’m sitting here, barely able to think these thoughts as I’m barely able to breath out of the emptiness inside me. From the water that has become poison in our bodies and the people around me whose ribs I can count one by one, all slowly dying from the land we are stuck on. We die on our knees with our skinny lifeless arms hung loosely on each other's shoulders, singing of the good times we have never known, watching the people on our left keel from starvation and those on our right fall from illness. We look down at the ground and the vegetation that barely grows, never losing hope for the miracle that will most certainly not save us.

Except for me.

I look down at the ground at the sprouting weeds, feeling nothing but the hollowness, the hunger, that has spread to every crease of my body. Hoping for nothing but for the hollowness to finish its job and throw a blanket over my tired mind.

If I were born in another world, I may have been full to my hundredth year. But I was not, instead I am empty, and empty things cannot balance too well. 


1.3 million children die from hunger in a year.
1 in 7 people around the world are undernourished.
60% of the world’s hungry are women

"Syrian Child" By Chloe Glass

"Syrian Child" By Chloe Glass