"Immortal Of The Flame" by Linda M. Crate

i was screaming
at the top
of my lungs,
but still you couldn't hear me
no one could;
i was falling beneath the water
and i forgot how to swim
so the moon
fashioned me fins and the sun
gave me wings—

you told me that you loved me,
but when i reached for your hand to
anchor me from all the anxiety
dragging me beneath the waters
you ignored me;
and i cried
feeling small and vulnerable as a newborn
baby but you never noticed—

you never noticed much of anything
unless you were given a moment
of displeasure,
and so when the road became hard for us
you hit me with the car and left me
there to die because you sold what was left of your
soul to the devil before you died,
and so you don't know how hard it is to
rise from the ashes of chaos and rebuild from
the ashes of who you once were;

i am no longer that rabbit hearted girl you once knew—

warrior of the land and of the seas
simultaneously i am the raven and the mermaid
ready to sing my song to lure only you
to your death
because the fire in my heart and soul and eyes
will never die.


Linda M. Crate is a writer from Pennsylvania, USA. 

"I am Linda M. Crate, a Pennsylvanian based writer. I write poetry, short stories, and novels. I am a writer and artist simply because I was called to be. I didn't choose writing, it chose me. It's made me stronger as a person as I've always been an outsider, and it's helped me cope with things I could not otherwise deal with. I am a writer because I want to change the world and I want to help heal the wounds of others and teach and instruct them if I can."

On Her Work:

"Each piece is different. Some are inspired by just figments of imagination, music, the weather outside, etc. These pieces were inspired by a rainy Saturday, surprisingly. A few words and phrases came to me and I shaped them into something more."

On Female Creators: 

"I think it's important for women everywhere who are writers to share their voices. Too long (in poetry especially) it's been a male dominated career, but I feel the female perspective is important, too, and deserves to be shared. Especially by people who have actually experienced it, and aren't just speculating as to how a woman "would" or "could" feel."

Connect With Linda:

Facebook: Linda M. Crate
Instagram: @authorlindamcrate
Twitter: @thysilverdoe