Happy Birthday, GS&NS! Love, Chloe.

Feminism. Individuality. Creativity. Expression. Freedom. Art. Life-changing. These are all the words that come to mind when I think of “GirlSense and NonSense.” Three words all together and an organization that exponentially changed my life. 

About two years ago I was a high school freshman dreaming of being apart of something important. Then one Winter day I was handed a black and white flyer in my Creative Writing class; GirlSense and NonSense was accepting submissions for the Winter issue of their digital magazine. Immediately I fell in love with the idea and some time later, after being published for the first time in a magazine, I found out that this magazine was taking applications and planning to choose their first social media interns. I jumped at the chance, and now a year and a half later, I am so lucky to be a designer and writer for GirlSense & NonSense. 

Since becoming a part of GirlSense & NonSense, I have gone through so many things, life changes and events. Being apart of this organization has taught me not only so many practical skills, but how to better express myself through my creativity, and then seeing from the work of others that I am never alone. On the GirlSense blog, you can find writing and works of art expressing anything from thoughts on relevant political and feminist issues to deeply emotional poetic musings about life, death, and depression. Seeing, sometimes creating, things like this has taught me how to live a much more meaningful, thoughtful, passionate life as well as teaching me more about the world and the others who live around me. 

From posting my first quote on GirlSense and NonSense Instagram page to seeing my Photoshop creations and multiple page short stories published online, I have grown a lot. GirlSense & NonSense has helped me to grow and realize who I am and what I want to do with my life. It’s with a lot of thanks to them that I am where I am today, personally and creatively.

Happy Birthday GirlSense & NonSense,
Chloe Glass