Poetry: "The Murmurings" By Natalie Crick

The poison drips steadily into my skull.
Lice are feeding. They are carnivorous.
She is biting away at my life.
I am merely a husk.

She watches me lie awake at night.
She lives in me, breathing,
Locking my heart away in a chamber
Where nothing moves.

Where the air freezes to ice.
I wait for a sound.
There is no end.
I remember the beginning: a death.

For years
We are white with exhaustion at what this thing is.
It is the last night of our lives.
Tomorrow I’ll be gone.

She is alive. Look:
It is beginning to hatch.
But it is dark. So dark.
I can barely see my own reflection in the mirror.

There is just some stranger.
We try to catch the pieces of me
Before they shatter forever.
Misted snow drifts over the remains.

Natalie Crick is a writer from the UK.

"I am an English Literature graduate and my original poems are influenced by confessional contemporary women's poetry. I am working on my collections with a view to a publishing contract."

On Her Work:

"I have been particularly inspired by the metaphors and symbolism in the work of American poets like Sylvia Plath and Louise Gluck; two of my favourite poets."

On Female Creators:

"The female poets I am drawn to have been a source of strength and inspiration. I hope to continue in the same vein and inspire more young women to channel their creativity through poetry."