Photography: Katrina Salamon Gallery (Part 1)


Katrina Salamon is a photographer from Philadelphia, PA.

"I am a film student. I create art to feel whole."

On Her Work:

"I use both film and digital photography. My view of the world is completely influenced by the lens of my camera; by looking at the world as a potential piece of art, I've found that magic crops up easily."

On Female Creators: 

"Females are divine creatures whose talents and attributes have been ignored, de-valued, and oppressed for all of recorded history. It is vital to my work and wholeness as a human being to actively value women's femininity, as well as our abilities to take on roles historically reserved for men.
As a female creator and art student, I see it as a privilege and duty to represent a facet of the female perspective, and to help to increase the volume of the female voice (and the likelihood that it is taken seriously)."

Connect with Katrina:

Instagram: @kate_bird13