Poetry: "The Shade of Gray Between Night And Day" By Eshah Shakeel

Stars are spread, far and wide
Waving to the sun on the other side
Sunrise is the last they met
Eager for the next sunset
Day says from far away, 
"Tell me how it is at night?
It must be a marvelous sight
When I come it disappears
So tell me night, how is it down there?"
The distant echoes fill night's eyes with pain
While people celebrate in the pouring rain
"O night, don't woe," whispers day
There is a time for us to meet
Until then we will be strong"
Night smiles and agrees, carrying on
In longing memory of night's gaze
The sun sends down scorching rays
What have people done to this place?
Where night and day dreamt of lovely days
All night wants is to hug all of day
But there are laws they got to obey.

Eshah Shakeel is a writer from Lahore, Pakistan.

"Eshah Shakeel, a tiny girl, luffing hopes against the strong currents of life like everyone! I am confused and I over-think a lot but the power of words soothe me. I believe every creation starts with a word and every connection is built by the expression of it. I want to build connections, take gray areas of our lives and describe them to give words to what people are feeling. Anyone affected positively by my work is when my intention is fulfilled."

On Her Work: 

"In this one I touched upon human trivialities that are created to destroy simple, beautiful things of life. I looked up at the sky one night and I felt the sorrow of loving purely in this hateful world. Wouldn't want to explain more so that reader can mould it into his own thought."

On Female Creators:

"History is told through eyes of men. I think women are different from men, they can think in such nuances which a man's mind seldom touches. They are naturally patient and I would just ask them to speak their beautiful minds in their creations and never ever stop or be silenced."