Poetry: Collection By Rebecca Lucas


I won’t remember the glean in your eye
As well as I’ll remember the outline of your back as you walked away
You turned back once, twice, and watched as my taxi pulled away
I waved but maybe you didn’t see because you didn’t wave back
But the sagging of your shoulders told me it was a last look; it was goodbye

6 June

You spoke in my sleep
In colours and shapes
That taught me life
I felt you here
6 weeks 2 days
A heart and a spine
I called out when you left
With dreams to reach the sky
Love could’ve carried you
But I did what I had to do

Online Love

I wore my heart
Dripping beating bare
On the cuff of my soul
For you
But you retreat into an online love
Of digital affection
When you log out
My heart will still be here
Beneath the iron cage of my ribs
But here
All the same

Rebecca Lucas is a writer based in London.

"I'm a 30 year old writer using words to paint pictures. I'm an equalitist and humanist and I write about the emotions we experience to share some insight about being the same on a human level."

On Her Work:

"This work was inspired by a period of loss accompanied by positive change and personal growth. Writing about my experiences helped me to understand that hurting can be positive because I have grown spiritually. I'm sharing this work in the hope that others who have had similar experiences can draw some strength and comfort from my writing."

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