Poetry: "Ocean Eyes" By Chelsey Abramson

"Ocean Eyes"
By Chelsey Abramson


Her Eyes Were Just Like The Ocean.
Eyes filled with salty blue water
Were they considered deep and mysterious as well?
Just like the ocean which they were so comparable to?
Like magic every way the light hit them.
The oceans wonder embedded in them.
Ocean eyes was her name. 

Image Designed By Chloe Glass

Image Designed By Chloe Glass

Chelsey Abramson is a writer from Weiser, Idaho.

"I'm Chelsey and I really, really like imagery art. My goal is to get a specific image into my viewer's mind, whether that is through photography, painting, or my writing. I just want the viewer to experience what I'm trying to get across, and fill their minds and capture their concentration, even if it is for just a few seconds."

On Her Work:

"The things that inspire me to create are always random. I take from songs, conversations I hear, and how things look to me. It's always different and I never try to keep my work in one category because I feel that limits my creativity and potential."

On Female Creators: 

"I think it's always important to see creativity come from females. We have such amazing and complex minds that deserve to be expressed, and sometimes art is the best way to do that. We go through things that males quite frankly do not have to go through. So it's important that we get ourselves out there so everyone can understand what is in our minds and hearts."

Connect with Chelsey: 

Twitter//Insta//Wattpad: @imrllytired