Announcing Evolution: A GirlSense and NonSense Anthology!

It's finally here! 102 pages of poetry, art, photography, interviews and more! Read the excerpted letter from the editor below and to read Evolution in its entirety for free, subscribe to our newsletter and we'll send you a digital copy.

Evolution Letter From The Editor:

Dear Reader,

The Evolution anthology chronicles over two years of girl magic at GirlSense and NonSense. Poetry, photography, art, essays, and storytelling in all its forms have landed in our submissions inbox, and we’ve handpicked our favorites to tell the story of us. 

We revisit pieces that have moved and challenged us and share some exclusive content, including in-depth interviews with the artists and writers. Creators of all ages hailing from everywhere, from our hometown of Boise, Idaho to Lahore, Pakistan, tell stories in Evolution and I believe each one wholeheartedly reflects our mission:

“GirlSense and NonSense leaps into the talented minds of emerging female creators who sucker-punch perceptions of 'girl.'
We create to antagonize conceptions of identity, challenge dominant culture, and explore the world around us. 
We tell our own stories.”

Evolution reeks of authenticity, unapologetic truth-telling, and gathers the poignant gazes of true artists. GirlSense and NonSense has been honored to serve as a platform for this incredible, intentional work and it has been personally so fulfilling for me to have met so many brave storytellers from all over the world.

So thank you, creators, for your courage in sharing little bits of yourself and contributing to our story. 

And thank you, reader, for your pledge to turning the page and eagerness to learn and perhaps most importantly, listen.

Thank you.

With Love,
Pamela Craig
Founder & Editor