Anthology Interview: Sehar Khurshid

To celebrate the February 26th launch of our anthology, we're sharing interviews with a few featured artists. Below we interview Sehar Khurshid, a photographer based in Lahore, Pakistan.

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GS&NS: Hi, Sehar! Please introduce yourself to GS&NS readers. 

Sehar: I am from Pakistan, South Asia. Currently, I am doing my M.Phil degree and try to continue my hobbies along with it. The art form which I am comfortable with is photography. The world is beautiful and God has created it for us to appreciate. So while acknowledging it, I take pictures wherever I go. On another note, I would like to give a message to all the girls out there to always follow your heart. Do whatever you are happy and content to do. As anything coming straight from the heart matters the most. 

GS&NS: You mention being both a poet and photographer, and you also have a degree in Political Science. How did you come to have such a wide range of interests?

Sehar: Political Science is the subject I chose to pursue academic studies as I had an interest in it. While taking photographs is just what I love to do. I have other interests related to reading literature and writing poetry in my national language, Urdu. My interests are diverse and they do not blend into each other as I have kept my study/work side separate from my hobbies.

GS&NS: Nature seems to be a big source of inspiration for you, as well as capturing Pakistan’s natural beauty. Why is photographing Pakistan’s natural world important to you?

Sehar: I admire nature as it has no boundaries and no limitations. It is in control of no one but one almighty God. As I live in Pakistan, therefore I photograph the natural beauty of my country. However, I don’t limit myself by especially going out to a mountainous area or a beach to capture it. Rather I look deeply and observe the little things which exist around us that we take for granted. It can be a tiny raindrop, sunrays sifting through the leaves, an ant carrying a piece of bread, an eagle flying or a beautiful sunset. I just capture that particular moment right away and appreciate the beauty. My aim of photography is to praise the perfection it entails. I wish to explore natural beauty of other countries too if luck provides me a chance.

GS&NS: How did you get your start in photography? And are there any photographers you admire?

Sehar: I started taking photographs in my college days. At that time I had a mobile with a 3 mega pixel camera but it was sufficient for me to take pictures. For me having access to a mega super lens is not important to be a photographer. Though now I have a professional camera, but I do not carry it everywhere so I make use of my mobile (13 mega pixel camera) to take pictures and they actually turn out to be of a nice quality. It’s basically the angle and the frame you choose to take a picture and click it at the right moment. Besides this, there are few photographers from abroad which I admire. Their field is nature photography too so I like to see their work in free time. 

GS&NS: What advice would you give to emerging artists? Another way to think about it: what advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Sehar: I would like to advise all those who are starting out in this field to capture anything and everything anywhere. Do not search for a unique aspect of nature rather observe which thing attracts your eye to it and capture it right away. Gradually you will start to think in a different way. Love everything: rain, sunshine, sand, wind, flowers and else. Think beautiful and feel beautiful.

Connect with Sehar:
Instagram: sehar.khurshid