Poetry: "Village Idiots" By Linda M. Crate

Village Idiots
By Linda M. Crate

no hero
is going to save us

seems like we're
going to have to be
the black widows,
wonder women,
rogues, bat women, 
elektras, psylockes, jubilees,
storms, jean greys,
emma frosts, and any other
hero we could aspire
to be;

because i refuse to succumb
to this crumbling

sneering insults at women
making them a joke
insisting feminism is a cancer
just because we want treated with
dignity and respect

not be used as baby makers
or tools of sexual

because GOD forbid we be seen
for our integrity, intellect, courage, or
to them we're just pretty faces—

but we're so much more
than that,

and i am done
swallowing the lie that i need someone
to defend me because i am no
damsel in distress;
i am the dragon and i will devour whole
should i need to—

i am the queen
any king would recognize,
but the problem is
there are few kings
and many village idiots.

Linda M. Crate is a writer from Pennsylvania. 

"My name is Linda M. Crate. I am a creator. A writer: poet, author, short story writer, essayist, etc. I am a girl from a small town with big dreams because like Belle I always knew there was more than this provincial life. I've come to realize, though, living in a city I actually miss the timelessness and beauty of the country - but each has it's benefits and drawbacks."

On Her Work: 

"'Village Idiots' was inspired by my sheer frustration and annoyance at our new president and his administration and all the things they propose. I feel peaceful protesting and making our voice heard is vital to let them know that we're not going to stand for any of their nonsense."

On Female Creators: 

"I feel it is important to me to give my perspective because I was born a story teller. I loved to hear and listen to stories, but I always loved adding my own voice to things. I started writing poetry and fanfiction as a young girl and teen before I found my voice and broke into writing my own stories, novels, etc. along with my poems. I feel it is important to give our perspectives as the literary world is proliferated by the opinions and thoughts of men who don't always get the female perspective right, in my humble opinion. I'm sure the opposite is true, too, but in a culture where women are still facing the hurdles we are today; it is important that someone hears and acknowledges us. It is important to stand up for what we believe in and what we know to be right. We're not 'bitches'. We're not simply maidens, mothers, or crones. We are so much more than that. That is why it is so vital to get our voice out there and be heard. There are so many that want to write us off as simply being "emotional" or tell us that our opinions don't matter, but I'll be damned if I didn't try to do something to smash the patriarchy. The "fathers" of our country seem to be rather lacking in helping us. Especially now."

Connect With Linda:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Linda-M-Crate-129813357119547/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thysilverdoe
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorlindamcrate/.