Photography By Gretchen Gales

Note: This photography originally appeared in Quail Bell Magazine.

Gretchen Gales is a writer and artist from Richmond, Virginia.

"I'm primarily a writer, but I've started braving the art world again. I used to want to be an art teacher in middle school, but that fizzled out quickly. I still wanted to keep art in my life, but it's been tough to keep up with it in between my writing. Plus I haven't improved much since middle school, so I figured it would turn out pretty sub-par. But sometimes I surprise myself."


On Her Work:  

"Christine Stoddard (the founding editor of Quail Bell Magazine featured on this site before) was a large influence on these pieces. I adore her collages, so when I wanted to get into art again, I wanted it to be influenced by the unique art I've seen her create."

On Female Creators:

"I'd like for the world to normalize a woman's perspective as just another perspective, not as "women's interest" or otherwise."

Connect with Gretchen:
Twitter: @GGalesQuailBell